Province’s marijuana monopoly will be known as the ‘Ontario Cannabis Store’

The provincial government’s new retail marijuana monopoly is to be run by the LCBO when weed is legalized this summer.

Ontario Cannabis Store.”

That’s the branding chosen for the provincial government’s new retail marijuana monopoly to be run by the LCBO when weed is legalized this summer.

“The name is designed to convey a safe, simple and approachable environment for consumers, and agency employees, in a clear and easily understood manner,” the Liquor Control Board of Ontario said Friday in a statement that also unveiled a plain circular “OCS” logo.

“We are confident the brand name and logo will help ensure Ontarians are able to safely and easily identify Ontario Cannabis Stores as the sole legal retailer of non-medical cannabis in Ontario,” the liquor monopoly said.

The first 40 stores will begin operating later this summer in 14 communities across Ontario, including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan and Hamilton.

Both in-store and online sales will be run using Shopify, the Ottawa-based commerce platform in use around the world.

“Shopify will provide a cloud-based retail solution for both on and offline sales, so consumers can have a reliable and integrated shopping experience across desktop, mobile and in-store points-of-sale,” the LCBO said.

Consumers will not be able to handle the marijuana before purchase — everything will be kept behind the counter and staff will be specially trained members of the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union.

The LCBO also named Susan Pigott as chair of the board of the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation, which oversees Ontario Cannabis Stores.

Pigott chaired the Minister of Health’s mental health and addictions leadership advisory council and was a vice president of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Also on the board are David Graham, chief financial officer at St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital; Ira Kagan, a lawyer, and LCBO board members Susan Robinson and Lori Spadorcia.


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