N.B. street marijuana cheaper than proposed Cannabis NB store prices

Like most businesses, the cannabis industry will have direct competition that may impact their price points.

A recent survey conducted by Statistics Canada found that New Brunswick is home to the second-lowest pot prices in the country at $6.38 per gram, only after Quebec which pays the lowest prices for marijuana at $5.88 per gram.

The Moncton-based company has been contracted to supply retails stores with marijuana when it’s legalized later this summer.

Gracewood suggests the StatCan analysis factors in a discount for people who are buying large quantities on the street.

While companies are studying the market dynamics on the street, other agencies are looking at ways to capitalize on the new industry.

“Maybe there’s someone who makes containers, somebody who’s involved in shipping, it’s like any other product that has some benefits outside the core product,” says John Wishart, the chief executive officer for the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce.

The Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce is looking at potential business opportunities, the spin-offs from the marijuana sector.

They’ll be hosting the CEO of OrganiGram next week to discuss where the organization sees the industry is headed.

Meanwhile, the date for legalization has been pushed back from July 1 to the end of August as the Senate studies the new proposed legislation.

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