Gaze Seeds Hopes To Set Roots In Recreational Marijuana Market

Many companies in the province are eager to find a sweet spot in the market when recreational marijuana becomes legal this summer. Gaze Seeds has been around for nearly a century but is poised to expand its reach as a supplier of cannabis seeds and equipment to grow the plant.

Jackson McLean, assistant manager of The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze, says they’re still in the dark somewhat as to all the legalities involved.

Cannabis becomes a legal product sometime this summer, but governments have to yet to spell out all the particulars, including the number of plants one can grow for their own use.

MacLean says they’re not in a position to sell seeds yet, but hope to do so soon.

He has sent emails to government but hasn’t gotten much response. He’s reaching out to licensed producers to see what they know.

He says their seeds will meet the demand, but they’re always open to suggestions.

They would like to have one for medicinal purposes, one to meet recreational demand, and seeds for people who intend to grow hemp.


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